04080009003 - FOX-ONE-300

Fox One

The digital range of professional 4-way solutions for installation, maintenance and diagnosis that meets the needs of today and tomorrow.
  • Diagnosis of the system. Measurement of the Pressure and Temperature parameters, with indication of the vacuum level reached.
  • Test with nitrogen (N2), with simultaneous evaluation of the pressure variation on the HIGH and LOW side.
  • Vacuum setting and verification of the vacuum level by means of the INTEGRATED electronic vacuum gauge. Possibility to display all the possible units of measurement for the vacuum (mTorr, micron, Pa, etc…)
  • Recording on integrated memory of all measured data from internal probes and connected wireless devices.
  • Quantification and registration of the charged and/or recovered refrigerant with a wireless scale SCALE-ONE.
  • Analysis and registration of the electrical parameters of the system with wireless clamp meter CLAMP-ONE.
  • APP for checking, diagnosis and report. Sending of personalised reports and data through APP.
Pressures, temperature, vacuum, electrical current and refrigerant charge...all in FoxOne.
FOX-ONE communicates, checks and records all the information of his built-in probes and of the connected wireless instruments, included the scale.
By means of the checking and diagnosis APP, it is possible to analyse, create, share and personalise reports, data and recordings.
And if your mobile is out of batteries, no problem...it is all in FoxOne!
  • 4-way piston manifold (Low, High, Ref, Vac)
  • Database with more than 50 refrigerants (CFC, HCFC, HFC, Hydrocarbons and HFO)
  • 1 ambient temperature probe
  • 2 temperature probes Type K (Range -99.9 ÷ 200°C), 3 m cable
  • 2 pressure transducers (Range -0.99 ÷ +49.90 bar)
  • Max operating pressure 56 bar
  • Class of precision better than 1% FS
  • Temperature range: -99.9 ÷ 400 °C
  • Digital display (with back-lighting)
  • Extractable hook to help fixing the manifold in every condition
  • Soft-Touch covering
  • Test with nitrogen (N2), with simultaneous evaluation of the pressure
  • High precision built-in electronic vacuum gauge (0÷600 pa)
  • Wireless Scale, capacity 0-100 kg, resolution 5g (only SC version)
  • Integrated data logger 
  • Wireless Clamp Meter (only Sc version)
  • 230V-50/60HZ feeder included 


09053012Calibration report ref. Accredia for Fox
09053049Calibration report ref. Accredia for Fox-One
09053050Calibration report ref. Accredia for Fox-One/SC


  • 1. Built-in electronic vacuum gauge
  • 2. Wireless clamp meter (only SC version)
  • 3. Scale up to 100 Kg, resolution 5 g (only SC version)
  • 4. Possibility to use all K probes
  • 5. App of control, diagnosis and report

Fox One Caìratteristiche


Standard equipment

2 probes TK109
2 flexible hoses 1500mm with intermediate valve – blue and red
1 flexible hose 1500mm with final valve – yellow
1 flexible hose 1500mm with valve
2 swivel adapter RG180/5-4 -5/16"fx1/4"SAEm

Fox One 300

Code Model Dimensions Weight
04080009003 FOX-one-300 310x370x130 mm 3,3 kg

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